Simple Entertaining Ideas For Living Room

June 08, 2015

Summer is a time for resting, relaxing and reconnecting with friends and family. While many will choose to have outdoor gatherings, if the weather sours, or it just gets too hot, it's good to have an arsenal of entertaining tips and tricks for indoors. Since most of your guests will be hanging out in your living room here are some simple tips to help transform your living room from your everyday living space to a comfortable and fun party area.

1.) Reevaluate the Space

When you're not throwing the summer's greatest shindig your living room is mostly a space for recuperating and relaxation. When company is coming and you're looking to host an indoor event, take a minute to look at your living room and see if you could move around some of the furniture, or remove some of the less necessary pieces to create a more open, and inviting area for everyone to congregate.

2.) Avoid Using Overhead Lighting

That means if you have a centrally placed lighting fixture you use every day don't use it to light up your party unless you absolutely have to. Instead use a combination of table lamps, string lights, and candles to set the mood and give the room a soft and inviting glow.

3.) Create Little Party Stations

Set up a cocktails tray somewhere in the space, and other little snack stations around the room. It'll keep people circulating through your living room, and talking with others which will definitely keep the party fresh and interesting.

4.) Hang The Menu Nearby

Give your living room a little bit of a bistro feel by hand writing and hanging the menu prominently where your guests can see it. If you're having a themed gathering consider incorporating the theme into the lettering or the decorating around the menu for an added touch of fun!

5.) Bring the Outside In

Plants, shells, and other outdoorsy items like pinecones, and acorns can definitely give your party a distinctive feel. For a low cost solution, take some of the flowers from your own garden, or purchase potted plants that you can plant outside after your event is over.

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