6 Ways to Reorganize and Revitalize Your Bedroom

May 22, 2015

For many, our bedrooms are the receptacles of our daily lives. As the years and the decades go by, bits and pieces of our daily routines seem to pile up in bedroom closets, drawers and even floors. Here are six ways you can take the clutter out of the place where you sleep.

Follow the simple decluttering tips below to keep your bedroom looking as neat as this!

First, hunt and gather. Start with flat surfaces, including the largest of them all, the floor. Get a box and start placing all the stuff on any flat surface into it. Get it all in, the paper, the books, the old newspapers and magazines – whatever's lying around.

Second, open all the furniture drawers and empty everything you find in them into another box. You'll probably need a big box as you're sure to find old receipts, brochures from car dealers, safety bins, old watches – you get the picture.

Thirdly, get three more boxes and mark them Useful stuff, Beautiful stuff, and Emotional stuff. Here's where you've got to be honest with yourself. Most of what you've gathered is probably not any of these things. It's probably old, worn, and has outlasted its original purpose.

Fourth, anything remaining in the big box should be stuff you don't need, no longer like or are completely not attached to. Separate this remaining stuff into 3 boxes, one to be donated, one to be sold, and one to be recycled or trashed.

Fifth, open those closets and repeat the same process. Separate what's left in things that are still useful, things you still find beautiful or things you're still emotionally attached to. The rest gets donated, sold or trashed.

Sixth step? Unless you're an avid collector and have found everything useful, beautiful or still emotionally satisfying, you can reorganize everything and return order to your sleeping quarters.

If this doesn't work, get professional help.

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