5 Pet Friendly Decorating Tips For Your Living Room

May 14, 2015

For those of us with furry family members it may seem impossible to have both a chic and pet friendly living room. Wagging tails, muddy paws, fur, slobber, and all the other things we love about our pets are things we don't necessarily love to have on our living room furniture. But fear not! There are ways to create a living room that is both well decorated and pet friendly.

Pet Friendly Decorating Tips

1.) Plan for Purr-fection

A little planning goes a long way to creating a pet friendly living room. Think about how your furry companion will occupy the space. Consider the placement of highly sentimental items, and breakables. Living room is a high traffic area, with lots people and pets coming in and out, if you must display those items in your living room use wall shelves or cabinets that close to display special items safely.

2.) Consider Pet Friendly Fabrics

If you don't want to drive yourself crazy trying to clean or chase your pets off your furniture avoid fabrics like chintz, silk, and especially velvet (it's a pet hair magnet). Instead consider more durable fabrics like leather, ultrasuede, or even crypton when you're selecting your living room furniture and textiles! Crypton is a wonderfully stain, spill, and tear resistant fabric developed particularly for pet lovers.

3.) Get Color Wise

Let's be honest, there are certain colors that are just pet-foolish. The biggest one? The color White. White is a nice clean color but it picks up every hair, every paw print and every slobbery kiss mark so it's definitely not a color you want to introduce into your pet friendly space. Instead use it as an accent color! Also if you really want the gold star for pet friendly decorating try matching colors in your living room to the colors of your pet's coat.

4.) Skip Expensive Rugs

Your pets spend most of their lives all over your floor. Spending an inordinate amount on lavish floor coverings will only make it that much more tragic when your favorite Fido or feline uses it for their personal scratching rug, bath area, or play space. Rugs in pet friendly homes take a beating so I say spend less and let your pet enjoy the space more.

5.) Invest in Chic Pet Toys

There are a lot of stylish dog and cat toys, beds and furniture that look great and will fill your living room without making it look like a kennel. Many cat lovers have been getting into installing cat friendly climbable wall art that is as artsy for you as it is fun for your pet. Also when you provide appropriate items for your pets to play and sleep on, they're less likely to take their boredom out on your beloved couch, throw pillows and curtains.

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