The Dos and Don’ts of Choosing Accent Furniture

May 12, 2015

There’s nothing more boring than a space filled with furniture that all looks the same.

Most of us know this, which is why we search high and low for the perfect accent pieces to bring excitement to our living spaces. That being said, there are some limits to what you should and should not do with accent pieces.

Simple Accent Furniture

Rule #1: Do keep it simple… and uncluttered. A room filled with accents is a room without a focus, so edit your pieces. Too many is too distracting. One or two to bring out a color or to juxtapose a style would be just right.

Rule #2: Don’t overdo one thing. One rooster in the kitchen is colorful; twenty may turn it into something more kitsch than kitchen.

Huffman Koos Accent Furniture

Rule #3: Do be true to yourself. If you dig Baroque furniture, an Eames chair is going to stick out like a pimple on Mona Lisa’s nose. Choose accent pieces to complement, bring out and enhance your furniture not to fight it for attention.

Rule #4: Don’t be impractical. If you have dogs and cats, light colored silk fabrics for your accent chairs may not serve you well.

Huffman Koos Black and White Striped Dresser

Rule #5:  Like what you choose and don’t listen to others.  It’s your space and no one else’s, so make it right for you and the way your family lives.

Huffman Koos Accent Table

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