Creative Ways to Display Your Treasures

May 07, 2015

Part of what makes an ordinary house feel like home is the personal and important items that you use to decorate your space. Some people have an affinity for displaying collectibles; others love a particular, animal, or have an attachment to items from a particular era like vintage photos of their relatives. No matter what items you choose to make your home unique how you display them can make all the difference when trying to keep your home looking purposefully decorated and clutter free. Here are some creative ways to display your personal treasures:

1.) The Modifiable Frame

There are tons of DIY projects that show you how to take an ordinary frame and transform it into something unique. Gone are the days when frames were just for those posters you didn't want to get rid of from college. Now you can use them to display jewelry, books, and other kinds of collectible items. You can often find used and older frames to refurbish at estate sales and thrift stores so this makes it a very affordable and special way to display your favorite knick knacks.

2.) Create a Collage

Ticket Collage

A great way to incorporate a lot of what you love into a little space is by creating a collage. If you're a theater goer consider making a collage out of your play bill covers, or ticket stubs. If you have a ton of vintage photos you want to display, you don't need to spread them throughout your entire house you can put them all in a collage and hang them in one special area of your home. People even create 3D collages from special events like weddings, and fill it with cards, textiles, small mirrors, and handwritten notes.

3.) Put Them in a Jar

If you collect small items and you're having trouble figuring out how to display all of them in a way that's space efficient, consider putting them in decorative jars or vases. This works really well with things like oddball items like buttons, marbles, clock faces, and even found items like sand, shells, and coins.

4.) Create Functional Decor

Wine Cork Board

Creating displays that both show off our hobbies or interest AND are functional is perhaps one of the most rewarding and unique ways to showcase those special items that you hold most dear. Wine lovers can create a cork board from all their favorite vintages that's both quirky and practical. Some artists use their own art supplies to create colorful, abstract and functional wall art. Think outside the box and see what you can come up with so that your displays are both useful and beautiful to look at.

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