Pro Tips for Choosing Bedroom Décor

by Louis Shotten April 20, 2015

Your bedroom is probably one of the most personal and intimate spaces in your home. On average, you spend between thirty to fifty-six hours a week in that room alone (and that's JUST while you're sleeping). It's where we all escape when we need a moment to catch our breath, and get away from the worries of daily life. That's why choosing the proper bedroom décor can make a huge difference when trying to create a relaxing and revitalizing space. Here are some pro tips to help make selecting bedroom décor easier.

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Pro Tip #1: Keep it Consistent - As a general rule establishing the overall color and style (or theme) of your bedroom is the best way to help focus your decorating efforts. Once that's established use it as your guideline for choosing the rest of your décor. Even if you have to buy décor one piece at a time keeping the colors and style of your selected décor the pieces consistent will help make your room look well put together. For example, if you have a sleigh bed you may want to decorate with traditional themed accents along with contrasting colors.

Pro Tip #2: Make It Personal – Above all, the bedroom is YOUR personal space. You don't bring guests in there (unless you're showing off your beautiful furniture, or décor) so don't be afraid to have your décor choices reflect your personality and style. If you prefer to hang your wall art off center because you like the asymmetry then do it, if you're obsessed with owls and find an owl throw pillows use them! Everyone is different! Embrace that and choose décor items that appeal to you personally!

Pro Tip #3: Choose a Focal Point- A crowded bedroom with lots happening on the walls or with the furniture layout can make your bedroom feel more like a closet than an oasis of rest and relaxation. See if you can move your furniture around to create ONE area were the eye is immediately drawn once you enter the room. Usually this is your bed or nice wide window, so consider incorporating eye-catching linens, textiles and patterns in those areas.

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Pro Tip #4: Think Cozy – Loud wall art, super busy patterns, and over-the-top bright colors (like neon yellows or hot pinks) are definitely fun but they don't exactly say "cozy". Remember that the primary purpose of that space is rest so choosing décor that keeps that in mind is essential. Increase the snuggle factor in your bedroom space with a down comforter, fleece or knitted throw blankets, or pile on a few different sized throw pillows on your bed.

Louis Shotten
Louis Shotten