5 Steps to a Clutter-Free Living Room

April 09, 2015

Huffman Koos Abigail 3 Piece Sectional

No one will argue that a home is meant to be lived in, and that the occasional few out-of-place items give it that cozy, well-loved feeling. Even so, as our hectic lives continue to get busier and busier it’s not always easy to keep tabs on controlling the accumulation of clutter, especially in high traffic entertainment areas like your home’s living room. If you’re feeling overwhelmed and fed up with wading through papers, books and other items that are laying around causing chaos consider utilizing the following five steps:

1.) Clear Your Coffee Table

Coffee tables are often one of the major focal points of your Living Room. They are also one of the easiest places for clutter to accumulate. Get rid of old mail, newspapers, magazines, and re-shelve those books you’ve taken out. The room will immediately look tidier and the first thing your eye sees won’t be that messy pile on your coffee table.

2.) Consider Hidden Storage Solutions

If your throw blankets are literally thrown around, and you have books, craft supplies and other knick knacks all over your living room consider furniture that has hidden storage options. For example:  An ottoman that opens up so you can put away blankets or a coffee table with cubby holes for the TV remote.

3.) De-Decorate

Sometimes we try to update the look of a room piece meal without eliminating the older or outdated pieces. This tends to make a room look overly full, busy and definitely cluttered. Take a look around your space and make sure you don’t have too many multiples of the same items, or have left seasonal decorations out for months after the season has passed.

4.) Utilize Your Wall Space

Utilize Living Room Wall Space

When done correctly wall space doesn’t just have to be a showcase for art work or photographs. Wall shelving, hanging baskets, and even wall display cupboards can take clutter on your floor and find a creative way of displaying and organizing it.

5.) Baskets, Bookshelves, Boxes

Baskets, Bookshelves, and Boxes

A place for everything and everything in its place. If living room clutter has been frustrating you because you have no place to put the offending items you can invest in some nice decorative boxes or baskets and store them on your bookshelves. Pick colors that already compliment your color scheme and it’ll even bring more harmony into your living space.

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