3 Simple Steps to Bring Spring Into Your Living Room

April 06, 2015

Out with the old, in with the new! After winter's long nights, cold days, and gray snowy skies that first warm breath of spring has many homeowners throwing open their windows to freshen up their living space. But why stop there? By getting a little creative with your home décor you can shake off those winter blues and bring spring right into your living room!

1.) Kick the Color Up a Notch!

Kick the Color Up a Notch

Nothing says, "Spring is here!" more than bright happy colors. Think about how you can best introduce bright yellows, oranges, pinks, purples, and greens into your living room. One easy way to do this is to change up the throw pillows on your couch or other living room seating. If you'd prefer something a bit more subdued, you can go for softer pastels of the same colors for a more subtle infusion of color.

2.) Lighten Up!

Lighten Up

If you have heavy window treatments in your living room consider changing them to soft, simple, sheer window panels. They allow more natural light into your room which is a simple way to make your living room appear brighter and more welcoming. As an added bonus, there's nothing more relaxing than opening all the windows, curling up on the couch and watching them blow around in a soft spring breeze.

3.) Flex Your Green Thumb!

Flex Your Green Thumb

Since spring is a season of new growth and renewal a wonderful way to get that feeling of spring in your living room is to add some living art to your coffee table, bookcase or entertainment center. Put fresh cut flowers in a brightly colored glass vase to brighten up the room immediately. Plus if you choose an aromatic spring flower like Hyacinth, Daffodil or Tulips their light crisp scent will freshen up the air as well. For an eco-friendly alternative to cut flowers invest in perennial, spring blooming potted plants and once they've finished flowering you can add them to your garden outside. Many will come back the next year!

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