Upholstered Beds

September 26, 2014

Just off the Fashion runways … and into your bedroom. These Supermodels come in all different shapes, styles and finishes that will make an extra-luxurious statement in any bedroom! That's right Upholstered Beds.

Personally, I would say...go for it! Just make sure you go with something durable. For restless sleepers who tend to flail their arms around, a solid wood headboard can be a painful disadvantage, especially if they hit their head or hand on the hard surface during the night. Padded headboard styles are much better than wooden types for these kinds of sleepers. For extra texture, employ a headboard that has deep tufts. Headboards with thicker padding allow for deeper tufts and a more luxurious look.

Some advantages are: 

  • You get rid of the “matching set” look. A nice change to mix in fabric instead of more wood. Adds texture & color.
  • They solve the complete bed dilemma – beds that have a footboard often overpower a room, or cause it to feel crowded.
  • It's easier to make the bed (no more tucking in sheets and bumping your knuckles)! Plus, if you're tall, you no longer have a footboard you'll kick during the night. 
  • Cost – normally a high end upholstered headboard is less expensive than a high end wood bed
  • My favorite thing about upholstered headboards, - they’re comfortable to lean on…..for reading or TV.
  • Yes Fashionable and can be re-upholstered or slip covered when you want a change.

Ok so people with allergies and pets that shed too much, should stay away from these, but let’s face it a good vacuuming will do the trick once in a while to keep the bed fresh and dust-free. The micro-fiber (or ultra suede) does not spot easily and is very easy to maintain. I LOVE the distressed leather headboards I have seen because professional upholstery can be expensive. So go with something that will last and can be a true chameleon if you decide to paint or change out your carpeting or rugs. I have an upholstered headboard and love it. It is upholstered in a micro-fiber suede fabric and it is wonderful. 

Some traditional, solid wood headboards can also look too dated for contemporary bedrooms, so a tailored, upholstered bed will do the trick. A neat upholstered bed frame gives a much tailored finish to a room that polished and more modern. While a monochromatic palette is chic, extra details can give it a little pizzazz. An upholstered headboard that is almost the exact same soft color as the wall behind it, but has an elegant silhouette, nail head trim, and deep tufting will make it stand out while maintaining an uninterrupted plane of neutral. Blend your headboard into its surroundings with a subtle color shift. Paint the wall behind your headboard a shade or two lighter than the headboard's fabric. A barely-there difference will give your headboard the presence of a whisper rather than a shout....

Total Drama! Then you want a look that piles on the contrast, choose a headboard upholstered in a graphic, two-tone fabric. Like a large-scale bold pattern that stands out against the back wall. A bit of cohesiveness brings contrast under control, ensuring the look is daring, but not disparate! 

If you love the look of curved posts and a classic wood frame but crave a comfortable upholstered back, look for a hybrid headboard. These models offer the best of both in one piece. Make a standard 8-foot ceiling appear higher with a tall headboard. Standing at a stately height, an extra tall upholstered headboard that is simple in shape will draw the eye up and creates the illusion of more vertical space. When choosing an upholstered headboard to match a wall paper, consider matching the fabric to one of the less dominate colors within the pattern of the wallpaper. Therefore, the headboard fabric matches the secondary color, which creates a visual connection between the walls and the bed. In a room filled with gorgeous patterns and colors, a simple headboard can be just as much of a standout as an ornamented one.

An Upholstered Bed can bring lots of sensual softness to a room filled with lots of hard surfaces like dressers, chests and armoires! So try this Fashion on, for a bit of unpredictable luxury & style in your home.

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